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The Glory House Bike -A-Thon Bike rental Specials!

We make renting a bike for a bike event simple. Reserve the bike on-line and just show up. If you need to add clip in pedals, we can place them on with no problem. At the end of the ride, just hand off the bike. You can rent a hybrid or road bike. We will donate 10% of the rental fee back to Glory House of Miami. Go to http://

for details of the ride.

If you want to rent a road bike click the pay button above. The charge is $40 for the rental. Afterwards, go to the contact form below and complete your information and give the bike size you need or give us your height. We will email you a confirmation. If you have any questions call Mark at 305-395-1551.

If you want to rent a hybrid click the button below the hybrid picture. Again, complete the contact form below and give your height. If you have any special requests, please include in the contact form or just call Mark at 305-395-1551. Thank you for supporting The Glory House of Miami.

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