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We get calls all the time about people wanting to get some background information on the Heritage Trail.

We ride up and down the Keys on a weekly basis and have experience and knowledge of the trail. So, we put a guide together with photos of the trail. Also, included are some unique stories that make the Keys so different. If you are interested in having this 54 page document emailed to you, we request a $5.00 contribution. The document gets constantly updated as the trail improvements progress.

Of the 106 miles, about 80 miles of the Florida Keys has bike path. It can be a little confusing because the trail is broken up and jumps from one side of the highway to the next. This document breaks down the trail in a way that the current maps used can't. With the attached photos to the guide, you will get some great visual cues as well as some ideas how to plan your ride. Submit the payment below and complete the form and a copy of the guide will be emailed to you.

Email and request a guide to be emailed to you.  We request a $5 fee which will be invoiced to you. 

If you want the guide in paperback go to this link and purchase on Amazon.

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