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July 5th, 2015

Imagine riding down a quiet road not many people know about in the Lower Keys. You can actually ride side by side with friends and talk while you enjoy the water, the trees, the sun and the native wildlife. You won't believe how quiet it is.

At the end of this road, there is a little known park next to the water and a sleepy bridge nearby. When you get there, there will be paddle boards in the water so you can go exploring back in the mangroves and have a lunch waiting for you.There are two locations nearby where you can go off on a bike trail for several miles. These trails use to be part of the road system from many years past.You will feel like a kid again exploring by bike.

You will be cycling and paddling with like minded people who enjoy the outdoors and want to try something a little different in the Florida Keys. Before you know it, you will wonder where the time went. Your guides are professional providing you with a great service, healthy food, and excellent bikes for the road conditions. The tour is $150.00 which includes lunch, bikes, paddle boards and guides. No hidden fee's. Tour meet's at 10 AM and leaves by 10:30 from Sugarloaf Lodge at the 17 Mile Marker. The date is July 5th, 2015. Please include bike size or height when completing form.

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