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Don’t know what Goombay Festival is? Aside from being a lot of fun, the Key West Goombay festival is the taste, sight, and sounds of the Caribbean. Located in Bahama Village, this family friendly street party is a great time for all to experience a world of the Caribbean flavors, street merchandise, and live music. For more information visit Goombay Key West.

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Join us October 20th, 2012 for the Goombay Festival/Fantasy Fest Century Tour to Key West. This is a perfect day to arrive to Key West to catch the end of Goombay and the beginning of Fantasy Fest. We will meet at Key Largo Bike and Adventure Tour shop in the early morning to prepare for our 100 mile journey by bicycle. There will be two support vehicles escorting our riders providing SAG support, maintenance assistance, road side refreshments and food breaks. We keep our riders going strong the whole 100 miles. No one breaks down or quits because the excitement of riding with companions and the professional assistance of our crew make the tour a worry free ride. We end this ride near the Historic Sea District where we can catch world renowned artist Wyland touching up his Whaling Wall with his traveling art crew. 

We will then bring you and your bike and bags back later that evening. But first, you will get to enjoy Key West by checking out the Goombay Festival and Fantasy Fest activities. If you want to stay overnight or even the whole week to enjoy the Fantasy Fest Parade, we can get you back later. Your schedule, your comfort, we are flexible. What a perfect way to slide right into Key West and be in the middle of all the fun happenings in this island town. The tour fee is $200. Includes tour, SAG support, drinks, food, and ride back with bike and bags. If you want to stay overnight or for the week, an additional fee for the transport back.

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