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First Descent Bike Rentals

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We are offering a convenient bike rental for our friends who are going to bike from Key Largo to Key West. We are offering road bikes for our experienced riders and hybrids for our fun riders. We will meet you at the start point. If you have clip less pedals, bring them and we will add them to the bike, otherwise we will provide flat or toe cage pedals. 

 We are offering SAG support and guides for the ride.

Complete the contact card below with your information. Please tell us your bike size or give us your height. Call Mark if you have any questions. Please bring your clip in pedals so we can add to the bike.

Road Bikes and hybrids

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You can come to our shop located at 90775 Old Hwy, Tavernier, FL 33070 if you get into town early. Call Mark at 305-395-1551 for questions.

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